Lot Number Description Image
1 Maine Central RR Kennebec Demitasse Cup crack through logo and on rim, top marked
2 Maine Central RR Demitasse Spoon Reed & Barton, back stamped
3 Bangor & Aroostook RR Aroostook Demitasse Set both unmarked, saucer Syracuse- Econo-Rim
4 Boston & Maine RR Minuteman Demitasse Saucer Syracuse/Kenmoor, 6-J, June 1929, Court Street plant, hairline crack in center
5 CPRY Tremblant Demitasse Set CP-21a orange saucer marked Meakin
6 Canadian Pacific RY Empress Demitasse Set both North Staff's Pottery, back stamped
7 Canadian Pacific RY York Red Demitasse Set open stock, both Syracuse Canada
8 3 Canadian Pacific RY Brown Maple Leaf 9" Plates Mintons
9 Canadian Pacific RY Kings Demitasse Spoon Elkington Plate, top marked
10 CP Hotels Chateau Champlain Demitasse Set This Canadian Pacific RY owned Hotel Chateau Champlain was built in 1967. this set is featured in "Dining on Rails" 1983 Vol I 1st Edition By Luckin page 116.By Syracuse - Syralite Canada
11 CP Hotels Bows & Leaves Demitasse Set CP-4A Canadian Pacific RY owned hotel ware - without border design. both Minton and 1947 back stamped
12 CP Hotels bottle opener & towel, ephemera Hotel Vancouver towel, Black Hills SD memo pad, vintage road map
13 Canadian Pacific Hotels Baronet Spoon by Oneida front stamped
14 Canadian Pacific RY Green Band Demitasse Cup CP-15b by Grindley Hotelware
15 3 Canadian Pacific RY keys marked "S" and "C.P.R. RMI"
16 Canadian Pacific RY October 3, 2001 IPO Medallion Given to employees to commemorate the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the CPR on both the Canadian and US stock markets TSX NYSE
17 Railroad pen toppers, lantern, key chains & more nail, GWR metal sign, pins, show pins,
18 Canadian Pacific Railways Menus & Placemat
19 Champlain Transportation Co Demitasse Cup Ferry Crossing company on Lake Champlain, unmarked
20 National Club Toronto Canada Demitasse Cup Mayer
21 Delaware & Hudson RR Saratoga Demitasse Saucer "The D&H", by Ridgways England, L. Barth & Son New York
22 Delaware & Hudson RR Canterbury Demitasse Set saucer marked OP Syracuse
23 DL&W RR Anthracite Demitasse Saucer Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR, Haviland Limoges for L. Barth & Sons, New York Delaware, Lackwanna & Western RR, Anthracite, Limoges - L. Barth & Sons NY, back stamped "D.L.& W. R.R."
24 "Dining on Rails" autographed by Luckin 99/2000 1983 1st Edition book
25 NY, NH & H RR Old Saybrook Demitasse Cup New York, New Haven & Hartford RR, Old Saybrook (custom), bottom stamped "M" for McNicol
26 NY, NH & H RR Platinum Blue 8 1/8" Plate New York, New Haven & Hartford RR, Platinum Blue (custom), Lamberton/Scammell
27 NY, NH & H RR Indian Tree - Pink Demitasse Set New York, New Haven & Hartford RR, Indian Tree - pink flowers, Syracuse, some wear on edge, cup- 3-CC, saucer 9-BB
28 Indian Tree Pink Demitasse Saucer Buffalo for Thompson Winchester & Co
29 The New England Steamship Co Demitasse Set Owned by New York, New Haven & Hartford RR, cup- Buffalo, saucer Grindley Hotel Ware
30 New York Central Lines Hyde Park Demitasse Set Both are Limoges for L Bart & Son New York, and Back stamped
31 New York Central Lines Hyde Park Demitasse Saucer Limoges for L Bart & Son New York and back stamped
32 New York Central Lines Hudson Demitasse Set both Maddock / Lamberton
33 New York Central Lines Vanderbilt Demitasse Set Both are Ohio Pottery furnished by L. Barth & Son New York, both are back stamped
34 New York Central Lines Vanderbilt Demitasse Saucer Maddock / Lamberton
35 New York Central Lines Vanderbilt Dessert Shell Ohio Pottery, furnished by L. Barth & Son New York, back stamped, some brown spots on top surface
36 NYC Lines Demitasse Spoons - 2 Century & 1 Grecian New York Central Lines. Century are international Silver and back stamped NYC, and Grecian is Reed & Barton back stamped NYC Lines
37 New York Central Lines Mohawk 10 1/8" Plate Syracuse, Used on the 1940 Empire State Express
38 New York Central Lines Depew 10 1/4" Relish Dish Haviland Limoges for Burley & Co, back stamped
39 Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider 7" Plate unsure of origin, most likely one of the Roosevelt hotels or lodges in the national park system. Buffalo China USA 212 4
40 Washington Terminal Monogram Green Saucer Demitasse saucer, Shenango made for Dulin & Martin Co Inc Washington DC
41 RF&PRR Tri-Link Demitasse Saucer Richmond Washington Line, OP Syracuse 4-G, top marked
42 Album of Railroad Ticket Envelopes this is a 1970's album with sticky pages- checked a couple and a few came off easy and others are somewhat stuck
43 WMRR-200 Business Car Winthrop Demitasse Spoon Western Maryland Railroad, Gorham, top stamped
44 B&O RR Capitol Black & Gold - Tall Demitasse Set Baltimore & Ohio RR, Shenango tall cup, Warwick saucer, some wear on gold
45 B&O RR Capitol Black & Gold Demitasse Cup Baltimore & Ohio RR, unmarked
46 Baltimore & Ohio RR Camden Single Egg Cup Used in Camden Station Baltimore, MD 2.25" tall, holds about 2 oz.
47 Baltimore & Ohio RR Derby Demitasse Set cup and saucer both 1947 Warwick
48 Baltimore & Ohio RR Sweetbrier Demitasse Set saucer - OP Syracuse
49 Baltimore & Ohio RR Cromwell Demitasse Spoon International Silver, front stamped
50 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary Dessert Shell Shenango
51 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary Tall Demitasse Set both Scammell's Lamberton design patented, both back stamped
52 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary Gravy Boat Shenango, back stamped
53 2 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary Bouillon Cups both Shenango, both back stamped
54 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary 11 1/4" Oval Platter Shenango, back stamped
55 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary 10 7/8" Plate Lamberton Design Patented
56 2 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary Place Settings Shenango: 2 -8" plates, 2- 6.5" plates, 2 double egg cups, 2 bowls, 2 coffee mugs, 1 saucer. Shenango interpace: 1 saucer, 2- 10.5" plates, 2- 6.25" plates, 2 soup cups- total 16 pieces
57 2 Baltimore & Ohio RR Centenary plates 9" & 6 3/4" Both Lamberton Design Patented. 6 3/4 " is Sammell's
58 C&O RR Parliament / Staffordshire Demitasse Set Chesapeake & Ohio RR, Shenango, both back stamped. Made in 1947 for C&O's post war dream train The Chessie which never operated.
59 Chesapeake & Ohio RR Greenbrier Demitasse Set Homer Laughlin
60 C&O RR Silhouette Martha Spinning Demitasse Set Chesapeake & Ohio RR, Martha Washington at Spinning Wheel, saucer -Syracuse 5-HH
61 C&O RR Silhouette G&M Walking Demitasse Set Chesapeake & Ohio RR, depicts George & Martha Washington walking, saucer- Syracuse 1-MM
62 Chesapeake & Ohio RR Metal 1st Aid Box 6.5x4x2.5"
63 1962 Chesapeake & Ohio RR Calendar
64 2 Black & White Demitasse Sets 1 set with gold trim - Sterling L-3 - has been reported to have been used on one of Eisenhower's cars, Other set Syracuse saucer S-I-LL and cup 98-L
65 Pair of Hungarian Rail Utasellato Demitasse Sets by Alfoldi, one plates has hairline crack in center bottom
66 2 Hungarian Rail Utasellato Demitasse Sets both red logos, 1 set has blue hangarian mark other is by Alfoldi- no i
67 CSD JLY Czechoslovakian Railways Demitasse Set marked with Crown and LC or CL and Czechoslovakia
68 Bessemer & Lake Erie RR 35 year Award Fob on leather strap, personalized "J.A. Baer"
69 Erie RR Gould 10" Relish Dish - Top Marked "Erie" Shenango, L. Barth & Son NY
70 Reading Railroad - NJC Seashore Demitasse Set Maddock's/Lamberton, Both back stamped
71 Reading RR King's 6 3/4" Spreader Front Stamped rough edge on blade, International Silver
72 Assorted Railroad Postcards & Photo Cards CN, GN, UP, CZ and more, a couple of souvenir travel postcards, 2 large size, almost all are blank, some duplicates
73 Railroad Postcards and Train Crash Photographs many newspaper photos - most are 8x10"
74 D&RGWRR, CT&SRR & Other Railroad Photographs 5x7,8x10 and other sizes. Many original photos from the 1970's some Misty Russell Smith, many of engines on 1974 Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR is a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge heritage railroad running between Chama, New Mexico and Antonito, Colorado. The line runs for 64 miles (103 km)over 10,015 ft (3,053 m) Cumbres Pass and through Toltec Gorge, from which it takes its name. Trains operate from both endpoints and meet at the midpoint. The train traverses the border between Colorado and New Mexico, crossing back and forth between the two states 11 times.
75 Pennsylvania RR Brown Keystone Demitasse Set Saucer is Lamberton/Scammell, John Wanamaker, saucer has brown spots that did not easily wash off.
76 Pennsylvania RR Purple Laurel Demitasse Set both Buffalo China design patented, both back stamped with keystone logo, cup- has rough blemish on side along rim
77 Pennsylvania RR Liberty Demitasse Saucer OP Syracuse, front stamped, chip on rim, discoloration on bottom
78 Pennsylvania RR Broadway Demitasse Spoon Front Stamped PRR, International Silver
79 10 1916-1946 PRR Employee Instruction Books 1916 Air Brake and Train Air Signal Operation, 1928 Brake and Train Air Signal instructions, 1928 Alternating Current Multiple Unit Car Equipment Instructions, 1930 Machinery Examinations Q&A, 1933 Special Instructions for Employees in Electrified Territory, (2) 1942 Air Brake Exam Q&A, 1946 Q&A on Alternating Current Electric locomotives, (2) 1953 Brake and Train Air Signal instructions,
80 PRR 1933-56 Safety Books and Ephemera 1933 Safety Rules, (2) 1946 Safety Rules, 1951 Regulations for Transportation of Explosives, 1956 & 1951 Book of Rules, (2) 1949 Book of Rules, 1949 Supplemental Instructions, employee qualification cards, passes, employee communications and more
81 1929-50 Instruction Books With Fold Out Schematics These look to be complete with fold out schematics- not every one is photographed. The large chart book has some damage on edges and cover. 1929 UP 2508X Charts of Pneumatic Equipment, 1940 E.T. Broken Pipes and Emergency Repairs, October1936 No. 5062 The "AB" Freight Brake Equipment, August 1947 and February 1950 No. 2606-1 24 R-L Locomotive Brake Equipment, 1976 Field Manual of the AAR interchange Rules, "Modern Railway Motor Power" by Brian Reed
82 BLE, BLF&E and other Railroad Collectibles Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of locomotive Engineers & Firemen, patches, pay stub, rights booklet, 1949 & 1951 Time Recording Booklets, Award pins, 1974 BN Merger Protective Agreement Books, 1930's Journals, 1940's PRR and B&O agreement books, and more
83 2 1947 Railway Engineering Maintenance Magazines and Railroad Quiz book
84 Norfolk & Western RR Yellowbird Demitasse Set Shenango - both are back stamped
85 Norfolk & Western RR Cromwell 9 3/4" Knife International Silver, top marked (faded)
86 2 Norfolk & Western RR Cavalier Demitasse Saucers both are Lamberton
87 3 Fred Harvey Demitasse Sets, Cup & extra saucer Webster set - Sterling, Blue Chain Set - Shenango, Denmark Cup- Syracuse used in Harvey House Springfield, MO (also used by FRISCO & STLSTRR), Champlin set & extra saucer - Syracuse
88 Atlantic Coast Line RR Hollowware Crumb Tray Rogers, front & back stamped
89 Atlantic Coast Line RR Carolina Demitasse Set 1947, Sterling, saucer is back stamped
90 ACLRR Flora of the South Demitasse Cup Atlantic Coast Line RR, Buffalo, back stamped
91 Flowers of the Southland Demitasse Set restaurant ware similar to Atlantic Coast Line RR Flora of the South- this has black line not green, crack in cup, Syracuse 98-J, 96-I
92 5 Flowers of the Southland Demitasse Saucers restaurant ware similar to Atlantic Coast Line RR Flora of the South- this has black line not green, Syracuse 18-C
93 Seaboard Coast Lines RR Zephyr Fork International Silver, front stamped
94 Seaboard Airline RR Desert Tan Demitasse Set SAL 1948 open stock, Adobe Syracuse 4-AA
95 SALRR Desert Tan Black Line Demitasse Set Seaboard Airline RR, Incaware Shenango
96 Florida East Coast RR St. Johns Demitasse Set both marked H&C Bavaria, B H Field Co 1927 & 1930
97 Florida East Coast RR Mystic Demitasse Cup
98 Florida East Coast RR Zephyr Demitasse Spoon International Silverplate, front stamped
99 Southern Railway Piedmont Demitasse Set hairline on edge of cup, Sterling saucer is back stamped - flaw in glaze on backside
100 Southern Railway Peach Blossom Demitasse Set both are Buffalo, cup is back stamped "Southern Railway System"
101 Southern Railway Century Demitasse Spoon International Silver, Back Stamped "Southern Railway"
102 Southern RY Chesapeake Steamship Demitasse Saucer top mark monogrammed "CSSC" - hairline crack
103 Louisville & Nashville RR Regent Demitasse Set 1940-1950's Exclusive Use - 1st on PanAmerican, OP Syracuse
104 Louisville & Nashville RR Regent Demitasse Cup 1940-1950's Exclusive Use - 1st on PanAmerican, OP Syracuse
105 Louisville & Nashville RR Greenleaf Demitasse Set Syracuse Econo-rim W-10
106 2 Louisville & Nashville RR Club Lounge Menus
107 Kansas City Southern RR Roxbury Demitasse Set saucer marked Syracuse Econo-Rim I-T
108 Missouri-Kansas Texas RR Alamo 10" plate - red Syracuse 9-cc - Econo-rim
109 Missouri-Kansas Texas RR Shirley Demitasse Cup
110 Missouri-Kansas Texas RR Sloan Demitasse Set open stock Syracuse 5-FF
111 Missouri Pacific RR Demitasse Spoon Roger International Silver, back stamped
112 Wabash RR Monroe Demitasse Set saucer is marked Syracuse- Econo-Rim
113 Adlake Reliable 14" wooden handled lantern Adams & West Lake Co, Patent dates between 1908-1922, handle has crack
114 Burgess No OL26 Electric Hand Lantern with Wood Handle
115 Antique metal oil lamp
116 Nickel Plate NYC&SLRR Bellevue Demitasse Set New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad, both Shenango
117 Nickel Plate NYC&SLRR Cromwell Demitasse Spoon New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad, by Pick Barth, back marked
118 M&STLRR "Peoria Gateway" Padlock Key Minneapolis & St. Louis RR, 6157 S
119 CB&Q RR Dubuque Demitasse Cup Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR, Buffalo - Dulany, chip on inside edge of rim
120 CB&Q RR Violet & Daisies Syralite cup & saucer Home version Syracuse
121 CB&Q RR Spider Mums Demitasse Set Haviland Limoges stock pattern
122 CB&Q and GM&O Menus CB&Q 1960 NMRA 25th Anniversary Dinner Menu and partial sticker sheet, Model Railroad magazine, and GM&O Abraham Lincoln's Home Menu
123 Gulf, Mobile & Ohio RR Broadway Demitasse Cup International Silver BP, front stamped
124 CI&L RR Monon Demitasse Set Chicago, Indiana & Louisville RR, hairline in saucer, Shenango
125 North Shore Lines Fontelle Demitasse Cup Chicago, North Shore, & Milwaukee RR, open stock, Syracuse
126 Chicago & Alton RR Lincoln Demitasse Saucer Shenango stock pattern, The Stearnes Chicago
127 LS & MSRR Pan America Electricity Building Spoon Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RR, Oneida demitasse souvenir spoon,
128 CRIP/FRISCO Cardinal Open Stock Demitasse Set saucer is marked Syracuse - econo rim 12-U
129 CRIP Rock Island Lines Demitasse Spoon #177 in book - similar to Clovelly and Fairhill, RW&S Co - Wallace, top marked
130 Assorted Railroad Linens- Tablecloths, Napkins 1 head rest cover. CRIP, CZ, CP, GN, NP, SOO and more. All are white on white and hard to photograph
131 Union Pacific & 3 Illinois Metra advertisements 13 x 10.5" UP ad, and 3 13x9.5" Metra ads
132 Illinois Central RR Coral Bouillon Cup Syracuse 98-I
133 Illinois Central RR Gardenia Demitasse Set gold trim indicates 1949 VP car use, saucer marked Syracuse 12-II
134 Illinois Central RR Land of Corn Demitasse Cup Hand Painted, Adams Royal Worcester
135 Illinois Central RR Empire Stainless Teaspoon back stamped ICRR
136 2 Illinois Central RR Demitasse Spoons Dartmouth - Wallace - back stamped, Silhouette - International Silver - back stamped
137 E. German Mitropa Blue Logo Demitasse Set & Spoon by Colditz 1970-90's with GDR mark, spoon is Rostfrei
138 E. German Mitropa Gold Logo Demitasse Set & Spoon Saucer is Kahla, cup with unidentified makers logo, spoon is Rostfrei- top stamped
139 2 German Demitasse Sets- 1 back stamped DSG "Deutsche Service-Gesellschaft der Bahn" Brown pattern- Bauscher A243 & A242. All white pattern - Bauscher
140 German Deutsche Bahn Map, Sign & Decal
141 C&NWRY Depot Ornaments Demitasse Plate Chicago & Northwestern RY, Chicago dining room - Warwick, Albert Pick & Co.
142 C&NWRY Wild Rose Bouillon Cup - Syracuse Chicago & Northwestern RY
143 C&NWRY Wild Rose Demitasse Set Chicago & Northwestern RY, Syracuse saucer
144 C&NWRY Wild Rose 9.75" plate - Syracuse Chicago & Northwestern RY, Syracuse 90-c
145 C&NWRY Red & Gold Demitasse Cup Chicago & Northwestern RY, Arthur Schiller & Son 1933 Bauscher, back stamped, repaired handle
146 C&NWRY Modern Art Spoon and Knife Chicago & Northwestern RY, Reed and Barton, both back stamped - knife is very faded
147 C&NWRY 8 oz. Syrup Pitcher Chicago & Northwestern RY, International Silver 05805, bottom stamped
148 C&NWRY "The Famous 400" SAMPLE Service Plate Chicago & Northwestern RY, 10.5" Flambeau pattern, Shenango, train is not completely colored - Luckin believes this is a possible sample, small flaw in glaze on front side.
149 C&NWRY "Famous 400" 1952 Timetable Chicago & Northwestern RY headrest cover & 2 rags.
150 Crash photo & 1903 Calendar CMSTP, C&NW, BC/R&N Calendar is from CE Wood Milling from Owatonna, MN - missing January
151 SOO Line MSTP&SSRR Padlock & Key Keline Elkhart
152 3 SOO Line MSTP&SSRR keys- 2 are padlock keys
153 3 SOO Line MSTP&SSRR Spoons & 1 Fork 2 Sierra spoons - back stamped -Reed & Barton. Sherbune spoon - top stamped- GM&Co. Fork - Empire - top stamped. all faded
154 SOO Line MSTP&SSR 20th Anniversary Tie Tac gold filled with rubies, in case
155 SOO Line MSTP&SSRR Robinson Baker Demitasse Set saucer is marked Syracuse B-12, cup has crack
156 2 SOO Line MSTP&SSRR Logan Demitasse Saucers Mayer
157 CSTPM&ORY Urbana long spout oil can - 28" (R) small dent
158 2 Northfield, MN Depot prints by John Cartwright 1985, pencil signed - loose 17x11"
159 The Milwaukee CMSTP&PRR Adams & East Lake Lantern Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR, clear glass
160 The Milwaukee Red Willow Service Plate 11 1/8" (R) very rare Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR piece, back stamped CMSTP&PRR. Buffalo, Albert Pick - Chicago, some scratches on surface- can only see in bright light.
161 The Milwaukee Hiawatha Demitasse Cup (R) Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR, CMSTP&PRR back stamped
162 The Milwaukee Green Pinstripes Demitasse Set Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR, Warwick saucer B-29 & cup B-30, both are back stamped
163 The Milwaukee RR Traveler Bouillon Cup - Syracuse Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR
164 The Milwaukee 2 Traveler Butter Pats Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR
165 The Milwaukee Galatea Demitasse Saucer Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR Syracuse
166 3 The Milwaukee Peacock Demitasse Saucers Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR, Syracuse Econo-rim 7-U, 9-HH, 11-V
167 The Milwaukee Minneapolis Demitasse Cup Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR, Syracuse- open stock, no back stamp
168 The Milwaukee Hiawatha Olympian Souvenirs Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR, 1948 CMSTP&PRR Towel - stain, napkins and ephemera
169 3 Milwaukee Olympian Hiawatha Menus Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR
170 The Milwaukee and C&NW RR Ephemera Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR and Chicago & Northwestern RR, tags, fob, pin, key chain and more
171 CMPSRY Windsor Demitasse Spoon Chicago, Milwaukee, Puget Sound Railway, 1835 R Wallace A1 - top marked
172 5 Railroad prints -signed & numbered James Zotalis local MN artist - largest is 17.5x12", all are shrink wrapped
173 The Missabe Road DM&IRR Northland Demitasse Set both are top marked, Syracuse 10-B. Used in the business cars. As featured in "Dining on the Rails". Seller was part of group that worked with railroad personnel to commission this piece in the 1980's.
174 Assorted Railroad Dining Car & Other Collectibles Missabe, GN, WP, NP, CZ - coasters, napkins, patches, bowl liners, stir sticks, matchbook, stickers, tags, Feather River belt buckle, Yellowstone Parks Hotel Sticker
175 Casey's Comedy Album & 5 tin RR signs Lackawanna 3x3", Reading, Wabash, C&O, MP
176 4 Vintage Railroad Records LP's & 4 45's Sounds of 1401, A Ride on the SuperSkunk Through the Redwoods, Train Ballads, Portrait of a Railroad, An Evening with Steam, Here Comes the American Freedom Train, A Journey into Stereo
177 NP RY 1899 Annual Report & Employee Ephemera Northern Pacific RR 3rd Annual Report 1899 (cover is in rough shape- separated), Construction Contract, Employee Picnic flyers, tickets, 1896 Prior Mortgage Lien, employee Tell Tale Employee Newsletters, and more
178 Northern Pacific RY Timetables and Ephemera Construction History pamphlet, large envelope, 2 1968 notepads, 2 stickers, paper hat, Stearns County Plat Book, pamphlet
179 Northern Pacific RY Garnet Demitasse Set cup has hairline crack and flowers are bit browner than on saucer. Saucer is Haviland Limoges - Burley & Co Chicago, back stamped
180 Northern Pacific RY Northwest Demitasse Set Exclusive use pattern, saucer marked Syracuse Y-7
181 Northern Pacific RY Stampede Demitasse Cup hairline crack
182 Northern Pacific RY Monad 9" Plate Shenango E-24, top marked
183 Northern Pacific RY Monad 5 1/2" plate Shenango Interpace T-27
184 NPRY Oil Can - small dent Northern Pacific RR
185 Northern Pacific RR Ice Tongs- 2 stamps Reed & Barton, front and back stamped
186 Northern Pacific RR Silhouette 6.25" spoon International Silver, back stamped
187 2 NP RR Alden & Windsor Demitasse Spoons Alden is front stamped & back stamped, Windsor is back stamped- both are Reed & Barton
188 2 Northern Pacific RR Monad Oval Sauce Bowls 5.5" oval, Shenango R-26 & E-24, top marked
189 1908 Northern Pacific & 16 Other Timetables
190 Railroad stationery, napkins, ephemera CGW, Amtrak, IC and many more. Some loose- rest are in vintage photo album with sticky pages- some pieces may be stuck
191 Collection of 11 Railroad books Including 1970 Diesel Spotters Guide, Rip Van Winkle Railroads, a couple on Tennessee railroads, 1 Quiz book and 1 magazine article
192 Alaska RR McKinley Park Hotel Bouillon Cup Shenango N-8
193 2 Russian Intourist Demitasse Sets 1 has chipped saucer
194 Russian Train Head Rest Cover
195 Canadian National RY Jasper Demitasse Set both are Royal Doulton
196 CNS Queen Elizabeth Demitasse Set Canadian National System, both are Royal Doulton, cup is top marked
197 CN Hotel Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Demitasse Set Canadian National, both are Royal Doulton, cup is top marked
198 Canadian National / VIA Menu Collection some duplicates
199 Canadian National Hotels Quetico Demitasse Set both Royal Doulton, cup- top marked
200 Canadian National Flatware - 2 spoons, 1 knife All 3 top marked, Knife- Copley by International Silver, Spoon- pattern 165 W.A. Rogers Hotel Ware by Oneida, Spoon - Eaton
201 Canadian National Eaton Fork - Back Stamped
202 Grand Trunk Pacific Fort Garry Hotel Juice Glass gold trim, Canadian, hotel was built in 1913
203 GNRY Pacific Coast Steamship Demitasse Cup Great Northern Railway
204 Great Northern Railway Oriental Demitasse Set Syracuse 4-FF
205 Great Northern Railway Glacier Demitasse Saucer Syracuse J-5, back stamped
206 Great Northern Railway Cascade Demitasse Set Jackson
207 Great Northern Railway Cromwell Demitasse Spoon International Silver, front stamped
208 Great Northern Railway Vesta Spreading Knife Meridan Brita, Top marked
209 GNRY Flyer Breckenridge MN Demitasse Spoon Great Northern Railway, "Good Luck", P&B - Sterling Silver
210 Playing cards, spikes, GNRY postcard set Waltham Railroad Watch pocket pouch, Great Northern Railway patch
211 GNRY Mountains & Flowers Demitasse Set Great Northern Railway, Syracuse 92-a, 94-a(?)
212 GNRY Mountains & Flowers Demitasse Set Great Northern Railway, Syracuse 92-A, 81(?)-K
213 Great Northern Railway Glacier 9.5" Plate OP Syracuse G-3, back stamped
214 GNRY Glory of the West Demitasse Saucer Great Northern Railway, Syracuse 10-V, back stamped
215 Great Northern RY Glory of the West 9.5" Plate hairline, Syracuse, back stamped 9-FF
216 5 Railroad Signs- Pullman, GNRY & Generic GNRY & Empire Builder are cardboard, other 3 are metal
217 4 Great Northern Railway Operational Booklets 4x6.5", 1950 Operating Department Safety Rules, 1946 Mechanical Department Rules and Information for the Handling of Oil Burning Locomotives Stationary Boilers and oil Tank Cars, 1949 Employee Agreement, 1950 Operating Department Rules and instructions ...
218 GNRY Empire Builder print by James Zotalis 1982 signed and numbered, framed 22x18"
219 2 GNRY Semaphore Magazines, Spike & Collectibles wall mount train theme cast iron bell, Avon bottle, pen holder, Railroad Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, Train prints- 4 are framed - some water damage, roulette toy
220 SAR Blue Line Springbok Demitasse Set South African Railways, Continental China made in South Africa- cup has crazing
221 SAR Blue Train Flower Demitasse Set South African Railways, by Continental China made in South Africa
222 South African Railways Demitasse Set S.A.S.V.D. and S.A.R.C.D. by Continental China made in South Africa
223 1906 CSAR ticket, BN collectibles, stationery CSAR (Central South African Railways), BN mug, GN envelopes, Polar Bear Express tile, ticket envelope, single stationery sheets- NP, GN, ATSF, BN and more
224 1924-51 BN booklets & NP Book and pamphlets BN 1924 Schedule for Conductors,BN 1951 Schedule for Train and Yardmen, Northern Pacific - Main Street of the Northwest, NP Vista-Dome NCL pamphlet, 1959 NP Telltale newsletter, 1959 GN Financial and Operating Statistics, GN 1943 Schedule for Conductors
225 4 1938-51 Burlington Lines Booklets w/ Schematics 1938 Inspection Special Instructions (loose binding), 1949 Mechanical Instructions for Enginemen, 1951 Rules of Operations Department, 1951 Catechism on Rules of Operation Department ( very worn cover)
226 BN 1970-96 Employee Booklets and Manuals 1970 Safety Rules, 1979 Draining Locomotives, (2) 1979 Air Brake & Train Handling, BNSF 1996 DASH 9- 44CW operating manual
227 Burlington Northern RR Calendars & Collectibles 2 1971 calendars, 2 posters, paper hats, mug, ashtray, patch, picnic news, 40 year pin, 2 train cars - 1 in box
228 Burlington Northern & Amtrak Menus & Ephemera 1977 Inspector's Tour, Menus & beverage lists, 1970 time schedule, placemat & coaster, Amtrak welcome letter
229 Burlington Northern RR Gold Key Bouillon Cup Jackson China x2
230 Amtrak Coast Starlight Souvenir Demitasse Cup 1996 by China Concepts, #0273
231 Amtrak National 1-A 9" Plate by Mayer Mayer Interpace 273
232 Amtrak Ephemera, RG & VIA hats, Whistle track piece, BN bolo tie, matchbook, Coaster, book, stir sticks, stamp collectibles, Hiawatha matchbook, bumper stickers- CRIP, Amtrak, Australian Legendary Ghan toothbrush
233 Santa Fe Bleeding Blue Demitasse Set Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR, boh are Lamberton - Albert Pick Chicago
234 Santa Fe California Poppy Coffee Cup & Saucer Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR, Syracuse 99-H, 99-D
235 Santa Fe California Poppy Demitasse Saucer Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR, OP Syracuse, back stamped, chip
236 Santa Fe California Poppy 7.25" Plate Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR, Syracuse 99-G
237 Santa Fe Mimbreno Replica Demitasse Set Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR, Sterling made for Nostalgia Station
238 Santa Fe Albany Knife - bottom marked Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR, stamped on handle
239 3 Santa Fe Demitasse Spoons Windsor- top marked, Cromley & Embassy both back stamped
240 C&EI Map, BN, GN and NYLBRR Timetables C&EI pamphlet with map, 1974 BN Special Instructions 5, GN 1967 Spokane Division Timetable 2, 1959 NY &LBRR no 350
241 1939-1964 Assorted Railroad Timetables - 10
242 1965-70 Assorted Railroad Timetables 20 plus Pacific Coast flyer
243 Railroad Timetables and Ephemera Burlington Route, Santa Fe, NP and others. Minneapolis Eastern Railroad audit sheets, receipts, stock certificates, and more
244 Railroad Timetables, Ticket Envelopes and Menus 1 Cunard Menu, postcards & Ephemera
245 FF.CC Chile E Chilean Railroad Demitasse Set
246 Denver & Rio Grande RR Curecanti Demitasse Set Repair on rim and crack on cup, OP Syracuse 7-O
247 D&RGW RR Blue Adam Demitasse Set Denver & Rio Grande Wesern RR saucer marked OP Syracuse 4-H
248 D&RGW RR Exposition Demitasse Saucer Denver & Rio Grande Western RR, OP Syracuse 7-O
249 D&RGW RR Rio Grande 11.25" Platter Denver & Rio Grande Western RR, Syracuse Econo-rim W-3
250 4 D&RGW RR Prospector 1981 Reproduction Plates only 750 made by Sterling
251 Rio Grande Southern RY and D&RGWRR Ephemera Dispatcher Train Sheet, Materials & Tools Report, Bill for Voucher, Cancelled check, Application for cars, Rest Register, Report of car loading, Bill for voucher, Inspection reports and more
252 Western Pacific RR Hutton Teaspoon and Spreader both are International silver and back stamped
253 Western Pacific RR Hutton Demitasse Spoon International Silver, Back Stamped
254 Texas & Pacific Railway Century Demitasse Spoon International Silver, back stamped
255 SP Operators Manual & Pacific Railway Ephemera Newsletters, book, and more
256 SPL Golden State Demitasse Set - 3 oranges Southern Pacific Lines and CRIP (Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Lines) both used this pattern. 1924 Bauscher set, OP Syracuse 4-L saucer is back stamped Southern Pacific, Cup is marked Bauscher Arthur Schiller and Son Chicago 1924
257 SPL/CRIP Golden State Demitasse Set Used by both Southern Pacific Lines and Chicago, Rock Island Pacific Lines. Cup is Shenango 52, saucer is chipped - Albert Pick
258 Southern Pacific Lines Sunset 10 1/4" Plate Buffalo China- back stamped "Made Expressly for Dorhmann Comm Co for Southern Pacific Co." some surface wear
259 Southern Pacific Lines Empire Fork - back stamped International Silver
260 SPL Blue Flying Griffin 10 3/4" Compartment Plate Southern Pacific Lines, Scammell's, includes copy of advertisement from SPL showing this plate
261 14 pcs SPL Northwood Dogwood Cream Dinner Ware 2 - 7" plates, 3 - 8 3/4" plates, 5 5 1/2" plates and 4- 43/4" bowls., Syracuse Rimrol and Shenango. Inculdes copy of SPL advertisement showing use of these dishes
262 SPCO Adlake-Kero 3-32 Lantern with red glass
263 SP&SRY American Demitasse Set Spokane, Portland & Seattle RY, saucer is OP Syracuse 4-G
264 Pullman Co Roosevelt Demitasse Spoon International Silver, back stamped
265 Pullman Metal Step Stool 20x6x10"
266 3 Unmarked Padlocks and 2 Unmarked Keys
267 General Freight Department Wooden Crate correspondence drawer for files 13x9.5x 6"
268 Railroad Crossing Tracks Signs- 3 pieces Railroad and crossing are 2 sided, 48x9" tracks is one sided.
269 1940's Wallace USM Co Demitasse Set saucer marked Wallace- both pieces back stamped
270 California Zephyr Hollowware Ice Cream Dish International Silver 05060AC, back stamped
271 4 California Zephyr Century Spoons 2 large & 2 small, unmarked CZ - purchased by seller in CZ commissary
272 Railroad Calendars, Advertisements, Pamphlets SOO Line stock certificate, The Milwaukee ticket envelope, 1950 MP calendar, 1954 Wabash calendar, CZ flyer, Santa Fe brochure and more
273 Los Angeles & Salt Lake RR Harriman Demitasse Set Scammell's saucer. Back stamped Union Pacific, unmarked cup. Excellent condition
274 Uintah Railway Mesa Demitasse Cup
275 Union Pacific RR Portland Rose Demitasse Set Both Syracuse. Cup has crack on connection point, saucer has craze/crack- very faint on top side
276 UPRR Zion/Cheyenne/Sun Valley Demitasse Set Union Pacific Railroad saucer Syracuse Adobe1-, back stamped, cup is cracked
277 Union Pacific RR Blue & Gold Demitasse Set both Shenango
278 Union Pacific RR Harriman Blue Demitasse Set saucer is Scammell's- back stamped
279 UPRR Exec Aircraft & Business Car demitasse Set Union Pacific Railroad similar to Shoshone but a modern pattern being made for executive use and business cars. Both marked Sterling
280 Union Pacific RR Fremont Demitasse Saucer OP Syracuse Old Ivory, back stamped
281 Union Pacific RR Columbine Demitasse Cup OP Syracuse Old Ivory
282 Union Pacific RR Desert Flower Demitasse Set Exclusive pattern for Union Pacific Railroad in the 1950-60's. saucer is marked Syracuse 3-KK and both are back stamped
283 2 Union Pacific RR Desert Flower 9" Bowls Exclusive pattern for Union Pacific Railroad in the 1950-60's. Both Syracuse - back stamped
284 Union Pacific RR Historical 9 1/2" plate Syracuse, back stamped
285 4 Union Pacific Employee Booklets 1925 Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company Schedule of Pay,Rules & Regulations, 1941 Practical Advice by Experienced Employees, 1945 Rules and Instructions Governing Maintenance, 1956 Questions & answers of Air Brake Examinations
286 4 pieces Union Pacific RR Streamliner Dinner Ware All Sterling: 10 1/2" plate H-4, 6 1/2" plate F-9, coffee cup H-3 and saucer G-5.
287 Union Pacific RR Streamliner 6" Plate Sterling L2
288 Union Pacific RR Streamliner Demitasse Set Both Scammell's
289 Union Pacific RR Streamliner 5" Bowl Syracuse Econo-Rim 6-Q, back stamped, orange not gold
290 UPRR Clinton & Vermont Demitasse Spoons Clinton-Rogers-back stamped, Vermont - International silver back stamped
291 Union Pacific RR Sierra Teaspoon Reed & Barton, back stamped
292 Union Pacific RR Etched Shield Logo 5 1/2" Glass
293 UP RR Agricultural Team Christmas Ornament 2008 Ne'Qwa in red velvet box
294 UP Com S & Keline Keys
295 4 11" Compartment Plates top marked CH possible Continental Hotel, by Syracuse K-6
296 Braniff & Iberia Airlines Demitasse Sets Black & White Braniff set- Saucer is Syracuse 98-J, cup is by Real of Brazil. Iberia saucer is by Santa Clara of Spain and cup is F.P.B. Ivarez Spain
297 Netherlands Plaza Hotel Demitasse Cup y Shenango. This is NOT Northern Pacific Railway
298 Wagon Lits Mismatched Demitasse Cup and Saucer dark blue line logo on light blue cup - Ginori 27-6, Gold line logo on white saucer - Ginori 61-29
299 2 Wagon Lits Milk Glass Demitasse Sets 1 dark red logo and one blue logo, Arcopal France
300 Wagon Lits Demitasse Set and Saucer solid red logo saucer- by Bauscher - back stamped Wagon Lits -Importer S.E.F.I., Set is also Bauscher - Importer S.E.F.I.
301 Wagon Lits Orient Express Demitasse Set Crest Logo by Caolin Barrinco Spain
302 2 Wagon Lits Demitasse Sets & 1 Saucer all are by Lilien of Austria, 1 set with solid blue logo and other pieces have blue line logo
303 Venice Simplon Orient Express Demitasse Set Limoges, also Luggage tag, and sealed demitasse spoon
304 BritRail LMS Floral Demitasse Set London, Midland & Scottish RY, cup is Meakin - back stamped LMS Lines, saucer is Maddock, cup does not sit right in well.
305 BritRail & Royal York Hotel Demitasse Sets w/spoon BritRail blue logo set by Continental, Grey & yellow floral by Woods, demitasse spoon is front stamped
306 Italian and Portuguese Demitasse Cups and Saucers White set with red & grey stripe on cup - SPAL Portugal cup and unmarked Saucer. Red band cup and 2 saucers by Tognana Italy. Cafe Trombetta cup (Cafe near Termini Station in Rome) by Alabarda, cracked. And 2 all white sets by Saturnia Italy.
307 French Railroad Demitasse Set Bauscher, Limoges Premier
308 Greek Train Ferry Boat Demitasse Set Hellas by Attiki Keramiki, translation of greek text is "Around Chios" which is oneof the islands
309 Switzerland Railways Demitasse Set by Langenthal
310 3 Unidentified Demitasse Sets, 1 cup & 1 spoon CH set with green band is marked Friggo Norway, Pink Edged set is Homer Laughlin, White with gold decor is Syracuse Syralite Canada, single cup is Royal Rideau Syracuse Canada, spoon is by Oneida Silversmiths
311 6 Hardcover Railroad Books Northern Pacific Pictoral - Vol 4 & 5, History of the Western Railroads, Great Railroad Photographs, St. Paul Union Depot,100 Years of Classic Steam