Lot Number Description Image
1 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar
2 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar
3 1881 O Morgan Silver Dollar
4 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar
5 1882 S Morgan Silver Dollar
6 1882 S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC Graded MS64+
7 1884 Morgan Silver Dollar
8 1884 O Morgan Silver Dollar
9 1886 O Morgan Silver Dollar
10 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar
11 1889 O Morgan Silver Dollar
12 1890 O Morgan Silver Dollar
13 1892 O Morgan Silver Dollar
14 1898 Morgan Silver Dollar
15 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar
16 1901 O Morgan Silver Dollar
17 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
18 4 1922 Peace Silver Dollars
19 4 1923 Peace Silver Dollars
20 1924 Peace Silver Dollar
21 1926 D Peace Silver Dollar
22 1926 S Peace Silver Dollar
23 1934 D Peace Silver Dollar
24 1987 American Silver Eagle
25 1988 American Silver Eagle
26 1989 American Silver Eagle
27 2001 American Silver Eagle
28 2003 American Silver Eagle Littleton UNC
29 2004 American Silver Eagle
30 2005 American Silver Eagle
31 2009 American Silver Eagle First Strike PCGS MS69
32 2012 American Silver Eagle
33 1990 Cincinnati Reds Western Div Champs 1oz silver .999 pure silver round
34 1986 P Ellis Island Silver Dollar BU
35 1988 S Olympics Silver Dollar BU
36 1976 Bicentennial Commemorative Gold Medal 1.6g tests as 10k gold using electronic tester
37 14kt white gold & diamond wedding set & chain Center diamond .5ct with seven accent diamonds, marked 14 K and hallmarked with an A, Size 6 1/2,total ring weight 5.91gtw, also 14 karat white gold chain .82g. Approximately 16 inches
38 Vintage Model Toys Adams Motor Grader Diesel
39 75 Indian Head cents 1901 - 1907 all carded on 2x2's
40 Vintage 14kt White Gold & diamond earrings Floral screwbacks marked 14K, approximately 3.3mm diamonds, 4.5gtw
41 Vintage Nylint Toys Road Grader
42 72 Liberty V nickels 1883 - 1912 carded on 2x2's
43 14kt yellow gold chain & .5ctw diamond pendant Chain is approximately 18 inches, total weight of necklace 8.09 gtw. pendant does not come off the chain, pendant is marked 14k on the inside, couldn't get a good photo of the mark
44 Large McCormick Deering Farmall Tractor
45 2 2007 US Mint Silver Proof Sets
46 14kt yellow gold and diamond wedding set With appraisal from 2017 for $4880. Center Marquise cut center diamond .52 carat, 20 accent diamonds .86 ctw, Total weight of ring 5.37gtw, size 9 1/2
47 Tonka AA Wrecker Truck & Camper Pickup Truck
48 33 US Mint Proof Sets 1974, 1976 - 2006, 2008
49 10kt yellow gold stud earring with .5 ct diamond Marked 14K, earring back is also marked 14k total weight .5g
50 Vintage Tonka Car Carrier
51 33 US Mint Proof Sets 1974-1989, 1991-2006, 2008
52 14kt yellow gold ring with diamonds Marked 14 K, total weight 2.4 gtw, Size 9 1/2, 3 1 pt diamonds set in white gold with yellow gold prongs
53 Tonka Farms Truck & Trailer & Tonka Toys Pickup
54 23 US Mint Proof Sets 1968 - 2005 Many Duplicates Not A Complete Run
55 10kt yellow gold ring with sapphire & diamonds Marked "10 KCI" 1.2 gtw, size 8 1/2
56 Vintage Nylint Horse Trailers, Volkswagen Bug Cap Gun, Ashtray, Farm Trailer
57 28 US Mint Sets 1974 - 1992 All With Original Envelopes Many Duplicates Not A Complete Run
58 Vintage 10kt yellow gold screw back earrings 2.0gtw, vintage foil back rhinestones- can see foil is starting to come off
59 Lionel Train Engine 1060 & Coal Car Plus 3 Cars Track Pieces, Also Bridge & Crossing Arm
60 Vintage pin backs, plastic charms, cap gun, bells Captain Jack miniature cap gun, miniature bells, small box of keys, 1987 Arby's Porky Pig give away, and more
61 Vintage 10kt yellow gold ring w/blue glass stone Size 6 1/2, 2.28gtw, marked 10k
62 Lionel Trains Track & Transformer,Several New Cars Grain Elevator Building Kit Still Sealed 1970's
63 Vintage compass sets, pens, match books & more Cross pen & pencil set inbox, Bruning compass, tech Weiner compass, Staedtler Mars Super Bow drawing set in case, vintage office supplies, calendar bank
64 10kt yellow gold ring with emeralds & diamond Floral setting with six emeralds and center diamond total weight of ring 1.35gtw, size 6, Marked 10 KPGTR
65 Lionel Trains Track & Transformer, Engine 2018
66 Vintage and modern pin backs Festivals, Hot Wheels, sports, Shriner's and more
67 Black Hills Gold Earrings 4g and GF necklace Chain is marked 12kgf by Marvel, pendant is marked 1/20 12kgf LSPCo with green stone 4.5g, Screwback earrings by Black Hills Gold J Co 10K- 12K on GF screws
68 Vintage metal and plastic vehicle collection Eldon US Air Force plane, Hubley metal car carrier, Hubley airplane, Midget toys and Hubley small metal and plastic cars
69 Vintage tokens- train, bus, cable car, rail car
70 Landstrom's Black Hills Gold necklace& earring set Screwback earrings, all pieces 1/20 12kgf, 4.6gtw
71 3 1980s Real Ghostbusters action figures MIP Egon Spangler and brain ghost slimed heroes number 81560, Egon Spangler and crazy copter and twister ghost number 81180, Ray Stantz and Vermoan ghost screaming heroes number 80890
72 Sunshine biscuits glass cover with collectibles Buster Brown toy, cigarette & other advertising pins, letter opener and more
73 14kt yellow gold pendant with diamond on GF chain Pendant is 1g, necklace is 1.03g and is marked 1/20 12 kgf
74 7 Game Of Thrones Funko POP! Figures Daenerys Targaryen #24, Joffrey Baratheon #14, Tyrion Lannister In Battle Armor #21, Jaime Lannister #10, Jon Snow #7, Ned Stark #2, Khal Drogo #For, All In Original Boxes
75 Antique and vintage political buttons Benson for governor, Mondale & Carter, Carter & Ferraro and other vintage pins
76 3 10kt gold rings and 2 Black Hills Gold charms Yellow gold ring is "1966 KM Kellogg" high school girls ring marked "10k Josten", 3.66gtw, size 7 1/2. White gold ring with green glass stone is 1.5gtw, size 6 1/2. White gold ring with faux Pearl (damaged) is 1.9gtw, size 6. 2 10kt Black Hills Gold charms 1.2gtw. Total weight of group 8.28gtw
77 8 Movies & Heroes Funko POP! Figures POP! Rides Batmobile #1 POP! Rides Time Machine Back To The Future #2, Bumblebee #102, Autobot Drift #103, Optimus Prime Barnes & Noble Exclusive #101 Box Opened On Back, Silver Surfer #19, Domo Dark Knight #24, Earth 2 Batman #62 All In Original Boxes
78 Two purses vintage curling iron and vanity items Vintage Hollywood compact inbox, to John's green oil bottles in boxes, brush, tin powder jar and hair accessories
79 Vintage gold filled jewelry in box 2 rings, 2 pairs screw back earrings- 1 pair by Loran Sim Co, 2 necklaces - 1 with locket- other has unmarked pendant with diamonds and chain has 2 replaced rings, Unmarked brooch, bracelet engraved "H Matz USCG", (maybe US Coast Guard), Gold filled tie bar with "4H key club Minnesota" 10kt charm- engraved from 1963
80 6 Star Trek Funko POP! Figures Scotty #83, Klingon #84 X 2, Anddorian #85, Spock #82, Captain Kirk #81 All In Original Boxes
81 Mirror vanity trays, pin cushion & more Vintage rosary, Buddhist beads, vintage barrette, Shoe clips, compact, Argentine tea straw, antique beaded miniature purse & more
82 Vintage Gold filled ring and Winard bangle Floral etched bangle weighs 15.72g, "8- Winard 12 KTGF", closes tight, ring is marked 10k gold filled with C & C Hallmark size 8, 4.02g with green stone
83 8 Guardians Of The Galaxy Funko POP! Figures Drax #50 Orion Slave Girl #86 Rocket Raccoon #48 * 2 Gamora #51 Star-Lord Amazon Exclusive #52 Star-Lord #47 X 2 All With Original Boxes
84 Vintage 1950's scrimshaw salt & pepper set By Alaskan Inuit Eskimo artist Howard Weyahok AKA Hound Rock, & two miniature carved figures
85 Vintage gold filled bangle and earrings Floral etched bangle marked 8-Winard 12 KGF, closes tight, 22.22g, Black onyx screw back earrings in 1/20 KT gold filled screw backs 9.86g
86 5 Funko POP! Figures Ghostbusters & More Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man #109 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vehicle #For Predator #31 Alien #30, Plants Versus Zombies 2 Swashbuckler Zombie #27 All In Original Boxes
87 Antique miniature carved scene in a sea shell water wheel spins
88 Vintage gold filled bangle & Amco earrings Floral etched bangle marked A&Z 12 KGF, closes tight, 7.53g,Black onyx screw back earrings in 1/20 KT gold filled screw backs 9.37g
89 9 Star Wars Funko POP! Figures & Bobbleheads Biker Scout #38, Hammerhead #37, Wicked #26, C3Po #13, Emperor Palpatine #36, Luke Skywalker #34, Boba Fett #8, Tusken Raider #19, Darth Maul #9. All With Original Boxes
90 26 Vintage Comics- Thor & many 1st appearances Thor 126 - 1st Solo Thor Book, Thor 150 x 2 - 1st Hela Ragnorak (villain in new Thor movie), Thor 156 - Tales to Astonish 53, Marvel Collectors Item Classic 1, Thor 157 - Ragnorak, Thor 154, Thor 155, Thor 158 x 2 - Thor origin retold, Avengers 27, Thor 160 - Galactis vs. Ego, Thor 167 - Loki appearance, Avengers 24, Thor 166 - 2nd Warlock appearance, Marvel Super Hero's Captain Marvel #13 - 1st appearance Carol Danvers, Thor 151 & 152 - Inhumans appearance, origin the destroyer, Thor 161 x 2 - Galactus appearance, Avengers 29, Tales to Astonish 57 - Spiderman appearance, Journey into Mystery 115 - Loki origin, Journey into Mystery 116 - Loki appearance, Thor 168 - Galactus
91 Unmarked antique gold filled bangle & brooch Floral brooch weighs 2.8 9g, floral at just bangle weighs 25.9g closes tightly, interior mark is hard to read possibly HRED or HRES.
92 9 Star Wars Funko POP! Figures R2D2 #31, Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot #17, Yoda #2, Emperor Palpatine #36, Stormtrooper #5, Darth Vader Vinyl Bobble Head #1, Bossk #35, Wicket #26, Wampa #39, All In Original Boxes
93 Vintage Lighters, Card Game, booby traps snappers, cigarette loads
94 2 antique gold filled bangles, ring & button Both bangles are unmarked gold fill (some wear) with etching and close tightly, together they weigh 61.7g, unmarked button weighs 2.8g, size 10 1/2 ring marked 14 K gold shell with monogram engraving and gold with accent where is 6.1g, also watch chain slide
95 6 Funko POP! Figures Duck Dynasty, Walking Dead Duck Dynasty Phil #80, Tony Montana Figure 86, Duck Dynasty Jase #79, Duck Dynasty Willie #77, Amc The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon's Chopper Scarface Tony's Convertible All With Original Boxes
96 GI Joe Collector Case With 22 Figures and Accessories
97 Vintage14k 1/8 Gold bangle and stick pin Bangle has floral engraving and is marked as in title and LS&Co, closes tight 13.04g, stickpin is not marked and has floral engraved gold filled accent, 2.92g
98 11 Disney Frozen Funko POP! Figures 3 Olaf #79 2014 Convention Exclusive Limited Edition, 481 #81 Anna 2014 Convention Exclusive Limited Edition 2 Elsa #82 San Diego Comic-Con Limited Edition 1 Of Them Is You Have It Is Not #87 & #83 Kristoff All With Original Boxes
99 Two Boxes Of Topps Jaws 3D Cards 36 Packs In Each Box
100 Gold filled necklace, charms, pendants and lockets Chain marked 1/20kt weighs 1.3g, on chain is an antique unmarked gold filled locket by SKM and Co weighs 2.3g, small square locket with blue stone and pearl accent unmarked gold filled by SR&L Co 3.2g, heart locket by PPC 1/20 14kgf weighs 1.45g, round locket with blue stone and peridot is unmarked gold filled and weighs 7.4g, unmarked Gold filled pendant (front part of locket) with blue hand painted flower 7.4g , and vintage handpainted pendant with some damage missing pearls
101 36 Star Trek Action Figures Most Are MOC, 7 Are Loose Or Off The Card There Are Star Trek First Contact & Movie Edition & Other Action Figures
102 Champion Agate Co Special Bicentennial Marbles 4 Packages, 2 Appear To Be Sealed Original, 2 Appear To Have More Marbles Than The Others & Have Had The Bottoms Rolled & Stapled Shut
103 Van Dell shell cameo brooch/pendant 1/20 12kgp
104 31 Star Trek Action Figures Generations, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, All MOC Also Bonus Deep Space Nine Kite
105 Large Collection Of Vintage & Modern Marbles
106 Tricolor triple strand freshwater pearl necklace Sterling clasp, white, pink, and peach pearls 6-8mm
107 31 Star Trek The Next Generation Action Figures Plus Star Trek Space Talk Series Borg All MOC
108 Large Collection Of Vintage & Modern Marbles
109 LUC Sterling silver & garnet necklace earring set Pierced earrings, and single pendant all marked 925, group is 6.66gtw
110 Swivel O Matic Astronaut In Original Box Some Damage To Box, As Shown In Photos
111 Collection Of Vintage Marbles & Shooters
112 Van Dell sterling silver earring & necklace set Screw back earrings with pendant and chain 14gtw, black stones may be onyx
113 J. Chein Tin Litho Ferris Wheel - Working
114 Marbles In Original Packages - Vitro Agate Marble King, Mountaineers, Shooters Sure Shot Marbles, Big Blue Marbles Packed By Stutzman, Chinese Checker Marbles, One Of The Big Blue Stutzman Marbles Is Broken In The Box As Shown In Photos
115 10 pairs sterling silver screw back earrings 2 Solje sets, others all have glass or faux stones
116 1930's tin wind up Kiddy Cyclist by Unique Art with Bell working very good condition
117 Large Collection Of Vintage Marbles
118 Mexican & American Indian sterling silver jewelry Necklace with two inlaid pendants 23.6g, pierced inlaid earrings marked OT 4.7g, ring marked DB size 64.9g, pierced earrings with black bead 1.4g, 24" necklace 7.3g, pendant with Black stone 12g, Mexican bracelet with green glass stones 30.1g, total weight of lot is 85.1gtw
119 J. Chein Tin Litho Ferris Wheel Incomplete Not Working
120 Vintage marbles some shooters
121 Sterling silver jewelry including Lagos Caviar one pair earrings with mismatched backs- marked "Caviar", One bracelet, two necklaces, three pendants with synthetic stones, All marked 925, 50.3gtw
122 Disney Winnie The Pooh Ferris Wheel J. Chein Walt Disney Presents Winnie The Pooh Figures In Ferris Wheel J. Chein In Original Package
123 Vintage Tin Watering Cans J. Chein, Ohio Art, Etc
124 4 sterling silver women's rings size 9 1/211 Faux stones, all marked Sterling, 14.57gtw
125 J. Chein Tin Litho Ferris Wheel Not Working
126 Vintage Tin Litho Buckets, Ohio Art, J. Chein
127 4 sterling silver women's rings size 7 1/28 1/2 One marcasite with free moving rings, rest have synthetic stones, all marked 925, 18.49gtw
128 Vintage J. Chein tin Easter train three cars w/rabbit
129 Vintage Tin Tops, J. Chein, Peanuts, Disney, Space
130 Marked Sterling travel charm bracelet 28.6gtw
131 J. Chein Tin Litho Ferris Wheel Not Working
132 Vintage Tin Noisemakers, J. Chein, Ohio Art Black Americana, Clowns & More
133 3 charm bracelets & enamel souvenir bracelet Many additional loose charms, some sterling. Disney- "It's a Small world" bracelet, Winnie the Pooh, San Francisco bracelet - 1 charm missing plaque, music bracelet
134 1950 Tin Litho Ohio Art Giant Ride Ferris Wheel Works
135 2 Battery Operated Tin Trains with boxes Silver Bell Choo Choo Is Damaged As Shown In Photos, Overland Express With Original Boxes
136 Vintage and antique rhinestone jewelry One sterling necklace and earring set, Jordache box is just display box, not a Jordache necklace
137 J. Chein Windup Animals, Penguin, Pig, Bear,Rabbit All Work Except Rabbit
138 Vintage Tin Garbage Cans Disneyland, Superheroes Coca-Cola Can, Also Pepsi Bucket, & Coca-Cola Truck
139 Gold filled, sterling, and fashion jewelry Gold filled necklace with cage pendant, Sterling tricolor necklace, some pieces marked Sterling but are magnetic
140 2 J. Chein Tin Windup Handstand Clowns Both Work
141 Vintage Loose Star Wars Action Figures
142 Antique jewelry and accessories Assorted shoe, fur and other clips, belt buckles, scarf clips, some brooches may be missing stones, Czechoslovakian bead necklace, rosary, 2 chatelaine perfume bottles. Silver bracelet marked MAE, and several hallmarks
143 Irwin See-Saw No. 609 Mechanical Toy With Box
144 Vintage Tin Boats & Friction Truck Both Boats Are Ohio Art
145 Vintage costume jewelry some signed Rhinestone bracelet by Bogoff is missing stones, Monet brooch, Gerry's brooch, earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, a few pieces are damaged or missing stones
146 2 Vintage Spaceship Banks Astro Mfg. Usa & Strato Bank
147 Space Toys Apollo-11 Battery Op Space Rocket New Model Space Shots Trading Cards, Plastic Astronauts & More
148 36 fashion jewelry rings Display not included
149 3 J. Chein Banks Monkey With Hat & 2 Churches
150 Vintage Tin Globe Banks, J. Chein & Others
151 Musical Jewelry box with vintage jewelry Rhinestone brooch (missing pin) & earring set, faux pearls & other bids, several necklaces- 1 Coro & 1 with Garnet pendant, earrings- 1 pair Laguna, bracelets, Sarah Coventry brooch, two pairs cufflinks, six fashion rings
152 Vintage Space Toys, Friendship, Kaka Supper Rocket Two Airplanes
153 Vintage Auburn Farm Toys In Original Boxes Ohio Art Farm Set In Original Box & 2 Loose Motorcycle Riders
154 Wooden jewelry box with vintage jewelry Brooches including three Laurel Burch, beads, Necklaces, rings & more
155 Spaceman Watch Retail Display With 12 Toy Watches Made In Japan
156 8 Vintage Tin Globes 2 With Original Boxes
157 Vintage jewelry many signed Trifari, S Coventry Monet, Givenchy, Act II, Giovanni and others, some sets
158 Vintage Tin Windup Toys Book Reading Bear J. Chein Walking Pig, Chairs, Cars & More
159 6 Vintage Tops 2 With Original Boxes J. Chein & Others, Condition As Shown In Photos
160 Vintage and antique jewelry -some gold filled Antique gold plated necklace with one matching earring, antique brooch with mourning cameo, 2 signed Sarah Coventry necklaces, 3 rolled gold plate watches, other signed and unsigned pieces, antique gold wire mother pin on mother of pearl, Sterling pendant on rose quartz necklace, agate necklace and more
161 Matchbox & Hot Wheels Cars 4 Early Matchbox Made In England, Number 1 First Off The Assembly Line, 2 Collector's Choice Cars, # 8 & # 23, Hot Wheels Black Shadow
162 Bristolware Tobacco Tins 1970's Replicas & Trays
163 Vintage costume jewelry in jewelry box Some signed, Coro brooch missing one stone, Seleni brooch missing one stone, multi color stone brooch, HGE ring, braided bead necklace, three pairs earrings, and other brooches one is damaged, plus bonus metal deer
164 Good Time Weekly Calendar 1963 Reprints, Coin Bank Naughty Girl Drops Her Towel
165 Vintage Crayon Boxes Fisher-Price Toys
166 Sterling silver jewelry & jewelry box 2 sterling bangle bracelets 26.68g, six rings some with synthetic stones 23.6gtw, One American Indian style Childs bracelet unmarked 4.9 g, Sterling & rhinestone heart necklace 2.75g , & ID bracelet with sterling tag & stainless bracelet engraved tom Burton
167 Schuco - Varianto 3010K With Original Box
168 Vintage Tin Toys, Fidos Musical Dog House Baby Carriages, Baskets, Dishes & Misc
169 Fashion jewelry ring displays and more "Here come the judge" plastic ring from Laugh-in, carved clap plastic souvenir bracelet from Grossglockner Austria summit 3,798 m, jewelry: necklaces, earrings, watches and more. Some for parts and some unmatched, several empty jewelry boxes
170 Vintage Tin Toys & Cast Metal Toys All Have Some Damage Volkswagen Missing Back Trunk Old Fashioned Car Has Been Repainted Friction Sometimes Works Ladybug Runs But Part On Bottom That Flips It Up Is Bent Robot As Working Mechanism But Is Missing Parts As Shown Cap Gun Doesn't Work Cast Metal Horse & Rider Missing Wheels As Shown In Photos
171 Vintage Toys, Frisbees, Juggling Balls, Bingo Game View-Master Reels & More
172 19 lbs of costume jewelry most unmatched or broken vintage metal large link belts, Denmark necklace and more
173 The Beatles Collectibles, keys, advertising Beatles George Harrison vintage bobble head, "I saw her standing there" 45, harmonicas, keys, pens and office supplies, Anri style movement bottle stopper and letter opener, small oil lamp bases, glass & shell snail and more
174 Vintage Dollhouse Furniture & Paper Dolls
175 Vintage jewelry grouping - some sets- some signed Krementz 14kt gold overlay carved ivory earring and brooch set, many clip earrings, green stone brooch and earring with one stone missing, Coro clip earrings, Marvella clip earrings and more
176 Northern Pacific Railway & Political collectibles NPR bag & playing cards, political pins and bumper stickers
177 Vintage Tin Clown Toys, Jack In The Box, Tops Ferris Wheel, Climbing Monkey, & More
178 8 pounds vintage pierced & clip earrings Some pairs, some singles, and some damaged
179 Vintage razors, bottles, modern coin banks eyeglasses, Lassie wallet and more
180 Vintage Tin Peanuts Toys, Drums, Top, Misc J. Chein
181 Circa 1980's and 1990's fashion jewelry Many paired earrings, necklaces, bracelets - some damaged
182 Vintage Tin Toys, J. Chein Shark, Banks, & More
183 Vintage Disney Toys, 2 Melody Players, Tricycle
184 Vintage stick pins and brooches Many enamel, floral, figural
185 Vintage tin toy boats, electric outboard motors Neptune is by Modern Toys made in Japan & runs on batteries, second boat in box is by Lang Craft- power driven model boat with electric motor, second outboard motor by International Motor, vintage corduroy sailors cap
186 J. Chein Rotor Mower & Other Push Toys
187 4 men's and three women's watches Two women's fossil watches need batteries, vintage women's Waltham 17 jewel watch with 10 KRGP case, watch band with inlaid unicorns, men's masterpiece Hamilton with date missing stem - 10kgf case engraved "Unisys DEM 30 years" not working, Caravelle water resistant men's watch not working, Seiko Quartz watch with date needs battery, stainless watch with broken band
188 Modern Tin Windup Toys, Many With Boxes
189 MARX Animal Kingdom & Wild Animals Figures Star Wars Candles, Godzilla Lighter, Glass Marbles
190 Gruen autowind 23 jewel men's watch -working Water and shock resistant stainless back and stainless band by Speidel
191 Vintage Tin Toys, Just Married Car, Helicopter Music Car, Soap Box Derby Car, Reindeer Pulling Santa, Fire Chief, Two Cannons, Humpty Dumpty Bank J. Chein
192 Wolverine Adding Machine, Simplex Typewriter Cap Gun & Caps, Top, Mike Jr. Radio Microphone, Coors Radio, Magazines
193 Lord Elgin 23 jewel men's watch in 10kt gold case Star case watch company by Elgin, movement marked Elgin 23 jewels 750, Engraved case "Presented by Ford Motor Co. to Robert I Smithson on his 35th anniversary 1926-1961 Henry Ford II", With Speidel stainless band, Working
194 Saturn The 13" Giant Walking Robot With Box & Additional Made In Japan Robot
195 Hot Wheels Matchbox & Another Diecast Vehicles
196 Vintage Bulova Acutron men's watch with date Not working, autowind, engraving on back of 10 KRGP case "Clipper Club 1978 Fred Aldrich"
197 MARX Presidents Of The US Series 1-5 With Boxes
198 Matchbox Models Of Yesteryear In Original Boxes Matchbox Her Majesty The Queen's 40Th Anniversary Stagecoaches Vintage Matchbox Catalogs & More
199 Vintage 17 jewel Westclox men's watch - working Stretch band has 10 KGRP tops, waterproof, autowind
200 J. Chein Raggedy Ann Tea Set With Box
201 Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tonka, Buddy L & Other Toy Vehicles
202 Vintage L&K Longines Watch with 14kt gold case Back of 14kt case engraved "RJ Hoffman", band is not gold, missing stem, scratches on Crystal, not working, 17 jewel movement serial number 7804578
203 Antique Carriage Or Car Lantern
204 Vintage Tonka & Other Pressed Steel Vehicles
205 Men's accessories, Cufflinks, tac pins and more Tie pins, tie bars, cufflinks most are paired some in sets with tie clip, Some antique, FOE and other fraternal & organizational pins
206 NY, NH, & H Railroad Lantern Clear Globe
207 Vintage toys, Marbles, recorders, misc
208 Lustrine 14kt gold & diamond men's ring Center stone is approximately .25ct with 3 accent diamonds - each approximately one point, 8.34gtw, size 7 1/2
209 Inspectors Lantern With Bullseye Glass Globe
210 Three Vintage Duck Decoys 2 Are Stamped FCF On The Tail
211 Working Hampden pocket watch in 20 year case Hampden movement serial number 1481723, with Simmons gold filled chain
212 Dietz Unmarked Railroad Lantern With Red Globe
213 4 Radios & 2 Small Clocks
214 Elgin 14 kgf pocket watch working Elgin movement serial number 5294501, gold filled etched case with hallmark, no crystal, crack in dial
215 Vintage Dressel PRR Railroad Lantern Red Globe
216 Vintage Drink Coca-Cola Cooler With Insert Acton Mfg Co Inc Arkansas City Kansas Made In USA
217 Elgin 14kgf pocket watch with chain Working 15 jewel Elgin movement, serial number 201349216, Nawco King 25 year case 14kgf, chain is 1/20 12kgf
218 Vintage postcard collection and album many travel, photo cards, souvenir cards, Minnesota landmarks , Black Americana, and more
219 Vintage Drink Coca-Cola Cooler With Insert Acton Mfg Co Inc Arkansas City Kansas Made In USA
220 Illinois and Elgin 17 jewel pocket watches Illinois movement serial number 390884 in 20 year case, missing crystal. Elgin movement serial number 12840785 in 20 year case, Both not working, Elgin has a crack in the dial
221 Vintage mink fur shoulder coat & hat Coat by Hovland - Swanson with monogram Mavis Holland small size good condition, with consumer protection serial number label
222 Vintage Drink Coca-Cola Metal Cooler Acton Mfg Co Inc Arkansas City Kansas Made In USA
223 Vintage Caravelle skeleton pocket watch- working
224 Vintage Kodak, Cannon and Olympus cameras Kodak Brownie bullet in box, Kodak duraflex IV, Olympus Pen, Canon AE1 with sun hood, Canon zoom lens FD 80200 MM14, additional lenses and flash
225 Vintage Drink Coca Cola In Bottles Metal Cooler Acton Mfg Co Inc Arkansas City Kansas Made In USA
226 3 pocket watches and other watches Westclox, Target, Lady Nelson, Lucerne , Vintage Bulova, retractable pen brooch, extra band and more
227 Beatles & Elvis Presley Collectibles, 60's Signs Space Magazines & Comics 1960's Signs Draft Beer Not Students, Make Love Not War, Bless Our Pad
228 Vintage Metal 7Up Cooler Progress Refrigerator Co Louisville Ky
229 2 vintage Bubblecut Barbie's in case with clothing 1) 1961 Black hair bubble cut: Barbie Pats. Pend. MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc. (split neck on back of head). 2) 1961 Titian hair bubble cut: Barbie Pats. Pend. MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc. (greasy face) in black & white swimsuit. Clothing: apron from Barbie 962 Barbie-Q Outfit 1959-1962, pants & 2 jackets from Barbie 975 Winter Holiday 1959-1963, striped tee top 967 Picnic, Set, jacket & skirt from 959 Theatre Date 1963, coat only from 949 Raincoat 1963, dress only Barbie 986 Sheath Sensation 1961-1964, dress only from Barbie 987 Orange Blossom 1961-1964, bodysuit from 944 Barbie Masquerade, dress -Garden Party #931 (1962-1963), and a few unmarked pieces- may be hand made
230 J. Chein & Co. Piano Lodeon Player Piano does not work, keys make music but the player piano part doesn't function
231 Vintage Children's dishes and wood cabinet LOCAL PICK UP ONLY
232 1147 Living Skipper Trade-In doll (1970) 1969 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan U.S. & For. Patd. Other Pats. Pend Patd. in Canada 1967. missing left leg, needs cleaning, extra head. and 1069 Skipper Sun Set Malibu head only (1971-1972), some unmarked clothes
233 J. Chein London's Beat Drum Set damage as shown in photos
234 Vintage Tonka and other diecast cars
235 Vintage Twist n turn PJ with accessories 118 Twist N' Turn PJ Doll 1970-1971 118 Twist N' Turn PJ Doll 1970-1971 (missing right foot- split in back of knees), original dress & shoes, Quick Curl Barbie Head-1965 Taiwan in rim, Talking Barbie head 1966 Hong Kog in rim, booklet: Clothing: Living Barbie Swimsuit & 2 net jackets, 2 talking Barbie shirts, Ruffles n' swirls, Harlem M-M's, Flower Wower, Great coat, lamb N Leather, Special Sparkle- coat, Miss America dress
236 Vintage Tin Toy Drums 3 With Original Boxes J. Chein and others
237 NASCAR cards, many signed and race used cards Plus photos some signed
238 Vintage Midge & Skipper dolls 1964-66 straight leg Titian Midge T. M. 1962 Barbie 1958 by Mattel, Inc. Patented. Brunettte straight leg Skipper 1963 Mattel, Inc., dress & under dress (tear in shoulder) from Barbie 979 Friday Nite Date 1960-1964,
239 7 Albums Golden Replicas Of United States Stamps First Day Covers Gold Replica Stamps Postal Commemorative Society
240 NASCAR cars & collectibles, many signed cars some in original boxes
241 Assorted Barbie Accessories- shoes, gloves, hat brushes and more. 90% are Barbie, not all shoes/boots are paired.
242 2 Statesmen & 1 Ambassador Stamp Album All With Some Stamps Also To World Wildlife Fund Stamp Collection Albums With First Day Covers
243 Huge collection of Legos, Star Wars, The Simpsons and much more, all have been put together and then stored in these plastic bags, they appear complete, came from a storage unit
244 1068 Francie Sun Set Malibu 1973-1976 1966 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Patented U.S. Pat. Pend. Made in Korea. all 3 bodies have same mark - need cleaning. 2 Vintage Hair Fair Barbie head and some accessories- 1 is 1968 and other is 1974 reissue, Booklet, Francie clothes: It's a date dress, Polka dots n' raindrops coat, clam diggers shirt, pink dress is marked Francie, Kelley's green plaid dress
245 $400 + Face Value U.S. Stamps, Albums, Supplies Used Stamps, Stamp Albums, Supplies & More, 1 Person's Complete Collection
246 Antique wooden folding drying rack Local Pick Up Only
247 Ponytail Swirl Barbie head, marked clothing & case Titian head- with break- 1958 Mattel Corp on rim. Clothing- not complete outfits: Dancing Stripes, Plush pony coat, Dreams in- robe, Striped dress, Floral print dress, Sweet 16 - 9555 & 2 - 9560, Red & Black coat/dress/hat/shoes, Silver blues skirt
248 Mars Rover Collectibles & Stamps 3 Hot Wheels Action Packs Sealed MOC, Hot Wheels Sojourner Collectible, Also Stamps 24+ Face Value Us Mint Stamps Includes Three Of The $3 Mars Rover Stamps
249 Huge Collection Of Christmas Houses With Boxes Harvest Crossing, Coventry Cove, St. Nicholas Square, & Others. Also Includes Shelving - Local Pickup Only
250 Vintage blonde fuzzy head Ken doll hair is worn off, and 4 pieces of Ken clothing
251 $65+ Face Value Mint U.S. Stamps Many Blocks Of 4 Face Stamp Prices From $0.03 To $0.29 Stamps, Plus Sets 1971 Through 1974, Used Stamps & Stamp Collecting Supplies
252 Department 56 Peanuts on Ice in box
253 GI Joe action figure and accessories
254 Gilbert American Science Series Erector Set #10301 in metal box, power model set, as seen in photos
255 Christmas Collectibles, Partylite, Snowman Snowman Manger, Cookie Jars, Some With Boxes LOCAL PICK UP ONLY
256 Topper Dawn & other dolls & clothes Eegee Bild Lilli head, Strawberry Shortcake and more. Clothes include: Dusty, Mego, Tammy & others
257 Oliver No. 9 Typewriter not working
258 Tony Stewart NASCAR collectibles many signed
259 1970's era & newer Barbies, clothing & accessories pink case, some clothes have Barbie tags, handful of unmarked Ken clothes, all Barbies have twist waists - 2 are marked Malaysia, 2 are China, and 1 is Phillipines, 1 has Superstar head, 1987 Kelly doll and more
260 Records, Lunar Landing Tray, Souvenir Plates Kennedy Record, Misc
261 Matt Kenseth NASCAR collectibles many signed
262 3 Madame Alexander Doll Sets Robin Woods "Christmas Scarlet" & "Christmas Candy", 12" Pinky & Blue Boy, 8" Pinocchio & Mary Mary Quite Contrary
263 Transistor Radios, Piano Rolls, Cassette Tapes Flash Bulbs, Much More
264 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars Some MIB
265 Good Humor Bryers "Popsicle" and 2 other dolls
266 The Danbury Mint 1957 Mercury Montclair MIB Convertible & Winross J. Chein Semi
267 4 WIX Die-Cast Metal Cars MIB 34 Ford Coupe, 1953 Corvette 50th Anniversary, 1956 Ford Thunderbird, Bruce Littles WIX Filters Racing Combo Set 124Th & 125Th Scale Bank
268 4 vintage 6" dolls & Armand Marseille bisque head Armand Marseille bisque doll socket head marked "1894 A M 5 DEP made in Germany", fixed eyes, open mouth with four top teeth, looks like original wig not attached, celluloid Canada doll, storybook Alice in wonderland, 2 hard plastic Scottish dolls
269 First day cover and stamp collections in binders "Celebrate the century 1900 1999" USPS stamp collection plus loose stamps, three red US cover albums 1979 through 1982
270 Antique Julius Andrae & Sons Telephone
271 Ginny & other vintage dolls, 2 trunks & clothing 2 Vogue Ginny dolls -both walkers -one missing arms and other has bent knees, 1 Vogue Jill doll, and other plastic doll
272 Vintage Tap & Die Set In Wood Box
273 6 Vintage Car Models Revell, Amt, Etc Super Z Model Is Just The Box & A Few Parts The Rest Appear Complete
274 Antique Huebach German bisque head doll 24 inches Fixed glass eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, modern wig glued on, socket head marked "Huebach 3025 Koppelsdorf Germany", newer dress, antique under clothes, Compo jointed body
275 Live animal trap- approximately 3' long LOCAL PICK UP
276 Thomas Pacconi Classics Christmas ornaments
277 American Indian & Victorian style Dolls numbered Geppedo American Indian doll, Victorian style doll with porcelain head & hands and cloth body
278 Framed Skyline Print measures 25.5x45.5"
279 Barbie, Hallmark Ornaments, Other Ornaments, Misc
280 Vintage children's sewing toys & accessories children's wood shoe forms, spindles, Glorias needle case, sew master metal sewing machine - handcrank, porcelain baby dish marked Germany 48, children's tea set, Dennis the Menace & Campbell's soup spoons, and more
281 Vintage 3D Unicorn Art carved styrofoam? measures 32x36"
282 Diecast Cars, Some MIB, Corvette, Convertibles
283 Figurine Collection, Royal Doulton, KPH, & Others
284 4 metal magazine racks LOCAL PICK UP ONLY
285 Diecast Cars Some MIB, Old Fashion Cars, Etc The Sound Machine Semi Truck & Trailer
286 Two hand woven baskets One has damage to edge-hinge is missing - with flared edge 12x5", larger basket is 12x5"
287 20 1958 Topps Baseball Cards With Stars Includes Bvg Graded Luis Aparicio Grated 5 Excellent #85 A Card Also 11 Or A Nice Hard Plastic Cases Rest Sleeved Or Loose
288 Diecast Cars, Signature Models MIB, Ertl Collectibles
289 Vintage children's musical instruments & books jingle bells crank box, children's records, children's books including Uncle Wiggly, Wizard of Oz linen picture book by Frank Baum with color illustrations in good shape
290 50 1958 Topps Baseball Cards Bob Lemon Worthington & More
291 RC helicopters, car, misc toys
292 Vintage Metal Lunch Boxes & Thermoses Peanuts Lunch Box Has Matching Thermos
293 40 1950's & 1960's Baseball Cards With Stars Bob Allison, Lenny Green & More
294 Budweiser Blimps, Texaco Horse & Tanker Pedal Champs, Sky Chief 1956 Ford Thunderbird All MIB, Also Loose Oliver Farm Equipment Co Airplane
295 Vintage Wood Toys Black Americana Wood Man Foxy Toys Spelling Board 2 Gold Star Harmonicas Busted Telephone
296 30 1969 Topps Baseball Cards With Stars
297 American Muscle & Road Tough Diecast Cars MIB 1:18 Scale
298 Vintage Western Toys, Roy Rogers & Trigger, Comics Roy Rogers & Trigger Signal Siren, Roy Rogers & Trigger Shoes, Metal Marionette Horse, Comic Books, Yo-Yo, & More
299 165 1970 Topps Baseball Cards With Stars Nice Sharp Cards In Plastic Sleeves
300 Collection Of Farm Toys International Tractor Snapper Mower With Trailer, Much More
301 American Tool Set, Children's Metal Dishes, Etc. Top & Dustpan Tool Set Includes Tools As Shown At Least 1 Marked American Tool Set
302 80 1971 Topps Baseball Cards
303 Diecast Cars & Trucks Some MIB
304 MARX Fort Apache Stockade Series 5000 With Box Includes Everything Shown In Photos, Box Is Brittle
305 35+ 1972 Topps Baseball Cards With Stars
306 John Deere Collectibles, Bank, Etc.. 1915 Model R Waterloo Boy With Box, Truck Trailer & Lawn Mower With Box, Mechanical Coin Bank, & More
307 Vintage "Gay Time" Child's Toy Chest
308 115 1974 Topps Baseball Cards With Stars
309 Snap-On Tools Diecast Collectibles MIB
310 Vintage Metal Mobo Pony Push Toy
311 100 Mixed 1970's Baseball Cards With Stars Mike Schmidt, Rod Carew & More
312 Diecast Construction Vehicles, Ertl Fire Truck MIB
313 40+ Vintage & Modern Comic Books Some In Rough Shape Some Mint
314 100+ 1970's Baseball Cards With Stars Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, & More
315 6 Coca-Cola Holiday Carrier Trucks With Boxes
316 Assorted Lego's with large bag of figures Star Wars, mini figures, Disney & more
317 300+ Early 1980's Baseball Cards Most Stars Loads Of Hall Of Famers
318 Ice buckets, serving pieces, wooden sculpture wine labels, salt and pepper, Vaseline Glass dish and more
319 Political Buttons Humphrey, McGovern, Etc.. Goldwater & More
320 60+ World on Wheels & 45+ Topps Airplane Cards
321 Porcelain figures, pottery decanter set, dishware Norwegian plate by Flint, large German porcelain dish marked CT, Red Wing ashtray, Asian miniature carved city in shadow box
322 Pinback Buttons, Junior Trooper Badges, Keychains
323 1987 MN Twins world champions framed cards 16 1/2 x 24 1/2", "Team of destiny"
324 2 Dietz Lanterns, Coleman Lantern, Lantern
325 Lucy and Me bear figurines and collectibles porcelain bear figurines, wall plaques, music box, candles, tins, and more
326 Vintage Safety Razors, Marbles, Lighter, Etc.. Sharpening Strap, Cigarette Roller, Baseball Cards
327 Vintage Cooler With Insert, Pop Bottles Canning Jars, Meat Grinders Tin Coffee Pot, Cast Iron Pans Made In Taiwan
328 Carved Powder Horn, Deer Antlers, Binoculars Polished Agates, Misc
329 Early 1980's-1990's collection of hockey cards
330 Vintage Kitchen Tins & Misc
331 Superman Record Player, Buildo #400 Set Mickey Mouse Collectibles
332 Baseball, basketball & golf trading cards
333 Display Cases, Eagle On Stand, Chinese Porcelain
334 Vintage Hartland Horses, Cowboys, & Bulls
335 Twins & Other Baseball Collectibles, Bobbleheads Mugs, Lunch Box, Figures, & More
336 6 pieces vintage Red Wing pottery Covered casserole, off-white planter 1547, off-white planter 5019, pink speckled bowl M1477, Blue vase M5001, green planter 869
337 Breyer Horses, 2 With Boxes small horse is Playskool
338 12 Topps 2001 Major League Baseball Cards Series 1 Sealed Boxes
339 Children's porcelain tea set and kitchen utensils 1 set from Japan, other set unmarked, neither set is complete, metal baking pans and other baking utensils
340 Vintage Farming & Beekeeping Magazines & Books
341 Late 80's Topps Baseball Card Sets
342 Vintage toys including Ertl circular toy saw & box child's leather football helmet, pecking chicken hand toy, Friendly Acres 10 dairy farm with some accessories, Yo-yo's and more
343 Meredith Brooks "Blurring The Edges" CD Award Framed Presentation CD To Commemorate Sale Of More Than 1 Million Copies Presented To KDWB Rich Davis Framed Includes Note From And Signed By Meredith Brooks
344 Five NFL mini helmets Saints, Jaguars, Bills, Browns, Bengals
345 Wedding print autographed by Prince No COA framed 28 x 13"
346 Vintage Mini Hartland Cowboys & Horses
347 Baseball cards, MN Twins clock, art print and book "The Chronicle of Baseball" book, binder of 1980s and 90s baseball cards, 1987 Minnesota Twins Wheaties champion box homemade shellacked wood clock, Timothy Houle "Baseball Legends" pencil signed poster print
348 Large Lot Of Loose PEZ Dispensers
349 150+ New PEZ Dispensers Sealed With Candy
350 12 Minnesota Twins Bobbleheads
351 PEZ Dispensers Rescue Heroes, Looney Tunes Easter, Christmas, most are MOC, some cards are rough
352 PEZ & Other Candy Dispensers Most MOC Some Cards Are Rough, See Photos
353 Hockey Action Figures, Cards, Golf Cards, Misc 7 2001 Premier Edition Upper Deck Golf Cards All Sealed, Sealed Set 1991 Topps Hockey, Sealed Basketball Cards, Michael Jordan Cups, Mcfarland & Starting Lineup Figures Nib
354 Topper Johnny Speed Corvette With Driver Untested
355 Special Export Lighted Sign, Schmidt Beer Bar Pull Belt Buckle, & Opener
356 11 Minnesota Twins Bobbleheads
357 Tin Toys, Cap Guns, Noisemakers, Bank, Misc
358 Hartland Religious & Sports Figures, trading Cards Disney's Son Of Flubber movie poster and lobby cards, Absent Minded Professor lobby cards, Land O'Lakes Anniversary Collectors Trucks, Misc
359 Starting Lineup & Other Football Action Figures John Elway, Emmitt Smith & More
360 Vintage Tin Bowling Game With Original Box Missing One Of The Pins, 9 Pins, Ball & Additional Spring
361 $1 Bill Changer With Key - Works American Changer Corp Fort Lauderdale Florida LOCAL PICK UP ONLY
362 Topps Baseball Cards 1996 Series 2 10 Sealed Boxes 5 Boxes 1993 Toys R' Us Baseball Sets Sealed
363 Antique Skis, Skates, Baskets, Cheesebox, Misc Also Christmas Ornaments Some Are Hand-Painted
364 Vintage Car Horn, Red Wing Fire Dept Patches AMOCO Scarf, Push Button Light Switch, Misc
365 Starting Lineup Basketball Figures Mainly 1990's Kevin Garnett & Other Bobbleheads
366 Vintage Hanging Glass Globe Style Light Hardwired Untested
367 Vintage & Antique Books Forward 1917 Newspaper Book, Henry Wonderful Model T, Story Of The Wild West, Much More
368 Assorted sports books -Many signed Lou Nanne signed book, Tiger Woods, 1991 US Open, Twins, North Stars book & photo and more
369 Vintage Detecto Beam Type Baby Scale & Dustpan
370 2 Antique Framed Pictures In Oval Frames
371 Large collection of football cards late 70's-90's Lots of stars
372 Carnival & Depression Glass & Children's Dish Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers
373 Budweiser Mugs, Hamm's & Red Owl Glass Red Wing Cups, Misc
374 Kirby Puckett Books & Collectibles, New Gloves Books, Comic Books, Magazines
375 Vintage Kitchen Items, Cast Iron Pans, Tins, Etc.. Waffle Maker, Meat Grinder, Muffin Tins & More, Includes Wood Crate
376 Metal Lunch Boxes, Metal Top, Campbell's Doll, Etc Kids Books, No Thermoses In Lunch boxes. Pac-Man, Superman, & Et The Extra-Terrestrial Lunch boxes
377 Minnesota Vikings & Other Football Collectibles Statues, Mini Helmets, Bobblehead, Pins, Ashtray, & More
378 Cameras & Video Camera- Perfex Forty Four in Case Canon AE-1, Plus New CD Cases
379 Vintage Fisher-Price Pull Toys & Other Toys
380 Starting Lineup & Heartland Sports Figures Mcfarlane Yao Ming & More
381 Antique & Vintage Photographs & Frames
382 Original oil on board by DS Beilin 60 Framed 21 x 17"
383 Minnesota Twins & Other Collectibles, Clock, Glove Hats, Figures, Pins, & More
384 Silver Plate & Stainless Flatware & Misc
385 Vintage Buttons & Sewing Accessories
386 Minnesota Twins & Other Baseball Collectibles Team Signed Ball, Twins Banks New In Box, Umbrella, Inflatable Chair, Christmas Ornaments, & More
387 Vintage Radio, Clocks, Compass, Music Box Motorola Radio Mayfair Alarm Clock
388 Decoys, Tools, Binoculars, Misc
389 1989 & 1990 Baseball Card Complete Sets & More
390 Vintage Copenhagen & Norseman Snuff Tins Also Good Old Summertime Tobacco Can
391 Vintage Tins, Bottles, Jar & Misc
392 Collection Of Kirby Puckett Baseball Cards In Pack Late 80's & Early 90's Unopened Packs
393 Action Figures He-Man, Star Wars, & More
394 Vintage D&D wizards and warriors fantasy figures "Tomb of spells" in box some painted, "Woodland adventures" in box some painted, two plastic Storage bins with painted figures
395 Minnesota Twins Collectibles Bobbleheads, Etc Bert Blyleven Autographed Scorecard Clock Homer Hanky, Cards & More
396 Assorted trinket boxes, doll, London collectibles London tin (empty inside), Compacts, coin purse, Delft spoon, Cloissone napkin ring, Austrian carved box has some damage
397 Antique and vintage books, bibles 1857 Christian Scrivers "Sjala-Skatt"two volume set leather bound with brass clasps- Swedish devotional books- very good condition, The Holy Bible- old and New Testament's and comprehensive Bible dictionary with 2000 illustrative engravings on steel wood and in color, Last copyright 1882, other Bibles and early education books, some in foreign languages. London book is empty inside
398 80's & 90's Sports Cards, Unopened Packs Sealed Sets, Baseball Puzzle & Cards Sets
399 Collection of framed artwork, photographs, etc No shipping on this lot, "The street was never the same" by Norman Rockwell, "Little boy blue", large needlepoint portrait, several advertisements, several antique fashion plates and more
400 Signature Junior Montgomery wards sewing machine Possibly salesman sample, vintage Singer buttonholer in case, scissors, vintage iron, 2 electric hair trimmer's one is Oster and other is Andis, and miniature wooden sewing machine
401 Collection Of Headliners Figures NIP
402 Modern mature comics and some superhero
403 Vintage keys, hardware, lamp parts and more Toy slot machine, vintage and handmade tools, drawer pulls, straight razor and more
404 Starting Lineup & Other Baseball Figures MIB Includes Team Of The 90's With Nine Players In Sealed Box
405 2 like new Pro V mandolin cutting systems In boxes - appear to have all parts
406 Salt & Pepper Shakers, Misc ceramics
407 Kirby Puckett & Other Minnesota Twins Collectibles Lots Of Kirby Puckett Folders Including A Full Case That I Opened
408 Vintage Stoneware Bowls, Red Wing Cup & Saucer Glassware
409 Collection Of Fisher Price Toys, Vehicles, Misc
410 Vintage Canning Jars & Bottles With Lids