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Why an Auction?

Simply put, an auction is the single best way to sell your property. Whether it's antiques or collectibles, household or tools, cars or boats, even real estate, an auction will get you the best possible price! 

There is certainly nothing new about the auction process! Auctioneering had its roots in ancient times and has played a vital role in the evolution of commerce as we know it today. The first documented auction was reported in 500 B.C. by the Greeks! 

Think about just how much the auction process is in our everyday life

  • The stock market is an auction
  • Pretty much everything you eat and wear is sold at auction
  • As long as farm land has been around it's been sold by acre at auctions

When you hear of record setting sales prices for antiques and collectibles where were they sold? At an auction of course!

Why choose A New Day Auctions?

We bring buyers and sellers together from around the world!



  • Global market with simulcast auctions
  • Strategic partner with Proxibid
  • Average of 336 bidders per auction*
  • Customer base of over 11,937 & growing*^
  • Professional photography & catalog
  • Secure state of the art facility
  • Over 280 auctions performed*
  • Commission only – no hidden fees
  • Over 12 hours of preview time

*As of 5/9/14
^ 26 countries


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