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Attending the live auction

Come have fun and enjoy seeing what we have in our clean, climate controlled, comfortable, and friendly auction center.

We sell about 80-90 lots an hour, so we move fast!. Please be prepared to remove all won items the day of auction. Cash, good check, VISA, MC, Discover, and American Express are all accepted. There is a 18% online, 13% onsite, 3% cash discount buyer's premium/commission.

Plenty of parking, climate controlled, indoor, comfortable seats, handicap accessible, restrooms, free coffee, and hot meals available for purchase on site.

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Some weeks are catalgoed and simulcast - others are old school uncatalgoed gotta be here to win it auctions- check the upcoming auctions page for current auctions.

Can't make a live auction? 

Pre-Bidding/Absentee bidding/Online Bidding

Three options: these are not synced until the live auction so you will see different pre-bid amounts. We offer choices not to be confusing but to allow our bidders a choice - do not bid in more than one way/platform- you will be bidding against yourself in the long run. Please remember that a pre-bid may not always be a winning bid.

1) Pre-bids and live real-time bids through Proxibid- click on the blue button


2) Pre-bids only through our portal - click the purple button



We offer this as a service to buyers. We receive many bids this way and they are successful about 35% of the time. We can not do live phone bids during the auction. Here are the steps you need to do:

Print absentee bid form.     

  1. Look at catalog and fill out form: As a bidder you would select lots you want to bid on and using  our bid form enter the lot number, description, starting bid (can not be lower than $10) and your maximum bid- following the increment schedule on the form.
  2. Email      , fax  507-263-7376  or call 507-263-7373 with your bids.

Once we receive your bids they are entered into our system with date and time information and can not be removed. You are also assigned a bidder number. During the auction the software alerts the clerk of absentee bids and the clerk or auctioneer bids for you against other bidders.  If you are the winning bidder we will notify you the next day and arrange pick up or shipping.

If there are no competitive bids you will win the item at your starting bid amount. This could be $10.


Many times we have multiple pre-bids on the same item so the auctioneer will have a high starting bid. This is not a shill bid. For example:

Bidder 1 bids $10-50 on lot 44 Proxibid
Bidder 2 bids $10-55 on lot 44 Portal
Bidder 3 bids $10-75 on lot 44 Fax

The computer will generate a starting bid of $60 to bidder 3 since bidder 2 outbid 1 and bidder 3 has already outbid 2. The auctioneer will say we have an opening bid of $60 and ask for $65. If no one else bids bidder 3 would win it at $60.

Example of a Proxibid loop hole:

A known issue with Proxibid happens occassionally because we do not see your maximum bids. We don't see them to maintain integrity of the bidding process. Be sure to pre-bid your maximum amount. Here is an example:

Proxibid prebidder 1 $10-45
Proxibid prebidder 2  $10-35

auctioneer opens at $40 for Proxibidder 1, asks for $45, floor bidder bids at $45, asks for $50 - no takers- sold $45 to floor .

We hope this helps you understand the process. If you have questions please feel free to ask any staff member.

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